“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Representing YOU
Campaign finance reform is desperately needed in Grand Traverse County. Big money shouldn’t control our local politics. Elected lawmakers in need to serve YOU- not lobbyists and big donors.

I am different because I do not accept special interest money or out-of-state donations. This keeps me accountable to the voters rather than special interests.

Jobs & Business
We need a vibrant local and regional economy that offers living wage jobs to our community. This area is already an attractive place to live, and I believe we must work to enhance the desirability of Grand Traverse County through place-making.

State tax benefits should be reserved for businesses that hire and employ Michigan workers. Our tax policies should not burden seniors, working families, or small businesses.

One of my top legislative goals will be pushing for equal funding for all our students. Our children in TCAPS and Kingsley schools receive the lowest per pupil funding allotted by the state; we cannot allow this to continue.

We also need to stop cutting statewide educational funding in general. Economic investment in Michigan means we invest in K-12 education and beyond to our public colleges and universities.

Access to affordable healthcare is a human right. It is past time this nation finds a way to join other developed nations in providing it for our citizens. I embrace efforts to help Grand Traverse County residents get fair and equal access to healthcare, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle in general.

A huge part of our economy in Grand Traverse County is tourism. Anything that has the potential to poison or damage our water, our bays, lakes, rivers and streams should be responsibly researched and regulated. The future of our children and grandchildren depends on it. I support a move away from polluting fossil fuels in as quick a manner as we can sustainably go.